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Python First 3 Stage Torch Ever Built


The Python is a mythical creature that is seldom seen but often referred to as "THE ONE".  The Python was built to prove that a large, highly adjustable 3 stage torch could be built, and has a use in the glass working industry.  From the tiny pinpoint flame of the 7 jet Lynx center fire to the capable, huge Python flame, this torch has made a new world possible for glass workers.  


The Pythons were built very close to scale size of the smaller torches it towers over.  Through testing and development it was found that the torch was too long to work behind and would require a shortened, lower profile design.  This reworked version was named the Viper, and has a much shorter barrel design that allows the user to sit behind the torch, especially when running the center fire and the middle fire.  The Viper was designed with a heavier barrel and more jets.  


Whether it is referred to as the Python or the Viper, the idea of a very large torch with unlimited potential and extreme versatility will always inspire glass work to reach new expansive levels of imagination.

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