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A foot pedal is a switch that is used to turn a particular stage of a torch on and off.  This allows the operator to preset the valves on that stage for a certain flame type and quickly turn that flame on and off for hands free operation.  This instant on and off provides increased production times, and the ability to adjust the torch without having to set the glass-work or tools down.

Foot Pedal main.PNG



Foot pedals are available in manual or electric versions, with the manual versions being the most popular with glass artists.


An oxygen bypass is available on all foot pedals by Griffin Glass Tools.  The oxygen bypass allows the user to meter some oxygen through the outer fire (second fire of 3 stage torches) of the torch to enhance the center fire flame.  This creates a more oxygen rich environment to run the center fire flame bigger and cleaner before turning on the outer fire flame.  The oxygen rich environment is also necessary for some effects in certain types of specialty glass.  The oxygen bypass comes with a valve to meter the amount of oxygen or turn it off completely when not needed.  Most pedals we sell are manual versions with the oxygen bypass.


The GTT staff has the experience to recommend a torch and foot pedal setup that will fit your needs.  We have assembled many torch and foot pedal combinations that are “ready to run” right out of the box.   Torch and pedal setups are available with different lengths of hose to accommodate different bench heights or lathe configurations.  Setups can include supply hose and regulators or existing supply hose can easily be used with the torch and pedal setup.

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