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Marver - Bobcat & Cricket

Marver - Bobcat & Cricket


All custom marvers and “L” marvers are made by GTT for our torches.

GTT marvers are made specifically to fit each torch for optimal fit and finish. The marver is machined to fit the barrel of the torch perfectly, along with a custom strap to match. This eliminates the possibility of damage to the torch from improper clamping due to the use of a worm gear style clamp. The marver is very low profile to the torch barrel that allows for a magnificent view of the flame and work piece, and conveniently located for forming and shaping. The graphite material used is a specific glass grade of graphite that is formulated to withstand elevated temperatures and exhibits excellent wear properties. The marver plate incorporates a front ledge made of aluminum to preheat millifiores or other setup pieces for ease of final assembly. There is also a back ledge of aluminum that can be used for a variety of shaping and forming along with the ability to attach another graphite pad to create an “L” marver. (Please see “L” marver description)


  • notes on graphite products: All connections, thumb screws and set screws should be tightened lightly, and only by hand. Graphite is a strong but brittle by nature and will break, chip and shatter if handled improperly. Threads in graphite are strong but can be stripped easily if over tightened. GTT cannot be held responsible if graphite is handled in a manner that is inconsistent with its intended use. All products have been thoroughly tested to withstand normal installation and use. These graphite products perform at the highest level and are made to the toughest GTT standards.


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