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Cricket and Bobcat Torch Mounted

"L" Marver Pad $40.00

Marver L Bobcat.PNG

The L marver fits perfectly on a Cricket or Bobcat torch and is a low profile marver designed for the Cricket or Bobcat's compact size.

It's dimensions are 2 inch x 1.5 inch x 5/8 inch.

It has a 9/16 inch ledge in the back of the marver and a 7/16 inch ledge in front of the marver  to warm your millifiores.

The L Marver attachment is 2 inch x 7/8 inch x 5/8 inch.


"L" marver option for standard marvers already sold by GTT - $10.00


*Special notes on graphite products:  All connections, thumb screws and set screws should be tightened lightly, and only by hand.  Graphite is a strong but brittle by nature and will break, chip and shatter if handled improperly.  Threads in graphite are strong but can be stripped easily if over tightened.  GTT cannot be held responsible if graphite is handled in a manner that is inconsistent with its intended use.   All products have been thoroughly tested to withstand normal installation and use.  These graphite products perform at the highest level and are made to the toughest GTT standards.

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