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Lynx (7 Jet) Hand Torch



Optional Multi-Position Hook for Lynx Hand Torch



The Lynx hand torch is a 7 jet, Triple Mix Surface Mix Torch. It was the first Triple Mix Torch developed by GTT.  The Triple Mix technology produces the most efficient flame available for today's glassblower.  By surrounding the fuel with oxygen and then injecting oxygen directly down the fuel stream, the fuel is completely burned for a hotter cleaner flame.  The oxygen streams are independently controllable by the green and blue valves.  This provides a wider flame range and chemistry that is easily adjustable by the operator without changing tips or torches.  


The Lynx has one of the smallest pinpoint flames available in the industry for the utmost in detail work and finite heating.  The Lynx works soft and borosilicate glass with finesse and ease.  The flame is hot and penetrating for borosilicate work up to 2" solid, and soft and clean to work the most delicate soft glass colors.  The Lynx is easily adjustable from a fuel rich reduction flame, to a clean neutral flame, to an oxygen rich oxidized flame, to an over-oxidized flame that is necessary for special glass effects.


The Lynx hand torch is available with different size neck lengths from 6" to 18" or more.  The neck length is measured from the valves to the head of the torch.  An optional hook  ($35) can be is installed at the head of the torch so that a gas saver can be used, or the torch can be hung for convenience.  The hook is able to be positioned where it suits the user the best, front, back or anywhere on the neck of the torch.  The hand torch comes with 4' of 1/8" custom hose that is lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant.  The hose features an aluminum mounting block  that makes hook-up easier and a convenient mounting location  to keep the hose out of the way.  


GTT hand torches are  great for hot shops, lathe working and finite heating in many applications.  The powerful, lightweight setup allows for pinpoint heating and versatility in any situation.

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