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Flashback arrestors are designed to prevent reverse gas flow and flashbacks, protecting hoses, regulators and cylinders.


All GTT torches are a surface mix design that mixes the fuel and oxygen at the surface of the torch, not internally. This design nearly eliminates the potential for flashback under normal use. They are recommended as a backup device that provide another level of safety for your setup.


Flashback arrestors are necessary for premix torches as they are prone to flashback often.  Flashback arrestors are recommended when multiple torches are connected together on the same fuel and oxygen supply system.


Flashback arrestors come with standard "B" fitting connections in TORCH or TANK style.  Flashback arrestors are directional meaning that the flow of gas only goes one way.  


TANK style arrestors are usually used on glass working torches to protect the tank and regulator from a flashback.  


TORCH style are commonly used on flame cutting torches, but not glass working torches.


Please specify the type of flashback arrestor needed when ordering.


Flashback arrestors cannot be used with gas pressures under 5-7 LBS of pressure.  The mechanism needs this minimum pressure to open and allow gas to flow.  If running less than 5-7 LBS of pressure, you will need to use aflame arrestor in place of a flashback arrestor.  


If an oxygen concentrator is used, a flashback arrestor is used on the fuel source, but not the oxygen concentrator.  The flashback arrestor will severely limit the oxygen output by the concentrator, if it opens at all.

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