Delta Mag 3 Stage Torch






The Delta Mag Torch is a 3 stage Triple Mix torch with separately controlled center, middle and outer fires.  The center fire is the standard 7 jet Lynx torch.  The middle fire can be the Phantom torch with 15 jets or the Mirage torch with 33 jets, and an outer fire with 66 jets with the Phantom second fire or 50 jets with the Mirage second fire.  The Delta Mag has 88 jets with the Phantom second fire, and has 90 jets with the Mirage second fire, with the maximum flame size being the same on both models.


The Delta Mag torch was designed for those who love the Phantom or Mirage size flame, but needed more heat for fast melt-ins and rapid heating for production work.  The Delta Mag has the flame types of the Lynx, Phantom or Mirage, and the wide Delta Mag flame.  This is a highly versatile torch that is a great option for those that need the heat of the Delta Mag with the option of having a highly adjustable second fire.  From the tiny pinpoint flame of the 7 jet Lynx center fire to the capable, wide Delta Mag flame, this torch is the ultimate in versatility.


The Delta Mag torch comes with 2' of 3/16" hose and adapters with filter screens to adapt to standard 1/4" ID grade "T" hose on each stud.  The outer fire studs come with 2' of 1/4" grade "T" hose and adapters with filter screens.  The Delta Mag torch comes standard with a purple manifold, red, blue and green valve caps and rack and pinion adjustment.  It is mounted on a powder coated base that has holes for securing the base to the work table.  Also included are complete instructions and a cleaning kit.


We machine and build all of our torches by hand.  

We strive to ship all orders within two weeks of the date we receive the order.


We welcome your call or email to inquire about the status of your product at any time.


All torches come with a one year warranty against factory defects.

This does NOT include damage from improper usage, misuse, or neglect of maintenance of products.

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