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w/ Lynx Center Fire


GTT is proud to announce the next generation of innovative Torch Design.


This new concept in torch design is so revolutionary that GTT was awarded a U.S. Patent on this new technology.


With this new patented head design, our torches are able to achieve the ultimate flame chemistry and efficiency giving you the ultimate glass working experience.


Not only do you have the best flame on the market you have the most stylish torch to deliver that awesome flame.


The design of the torch itself is a work of art.


You can see the attention to detail and our passion that we put into designing these and all our torches.


The new Scorpions and Sidewinders feature:

  • A new Patented Head design

  • New Adjustable Valves

  • Ergonomic design

  • “B” Fittings

  • Your choice of center fire options: Our Legendary Lynx or Bobcat.

  • Enabling you to get a more useable flame out of concentrators and low pressure fuel

  • Torch head and Body are constructed of high grade Stainless-Steel

  • Affordably priced

Sidewinder Bob CF Gtt 032.JPG

Sidewinder w/Lynx Center Fire

Sidewinder w/Bob Center Fire

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