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Desiccant 2 pack.PNG

Silica gel desiccant is packaged in 2 LB vacuum sealed bags.  Each bag is enough desiccant to recharge the filter dryer one time.  Desiccant can be removed from the filter dryer once it turns clear and can be baked in an oven to remove moisture.  Desiccant can then be reused many times using this method.  Desiccant will eventually lose its ability to absorb moisture and will need to be replaced.  

The picture below shows desiccant that has absorbed as much moisture as possible.  This desiccant can now be regenerated in an oven to be reused.  Some colored beads in the desiccant are normal and indicate the color that regenerated desiccant should be.

desiccant clear bag.PNG
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