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Phantom 4 Stud /

Phantom 4 Stud (Snub Nose)



The Phantom torch is a 2 stage torch that uses the powerful Lynx 7 Jet for the center fire with a ring of 15 jets for the outer fire.  This completely surface mix torch uses the patented Triple Mix technology to provide unparalleled flame chemistry for all types of glass.  


The Phantom is the first of the 2 stage Triple Mix torches in the lineup. It is great for soft or hard glass with the ability to produce many flame types from a soft bushy flame to a hard driving flame.  The flame chemistry that is achieved with the Triple Mix technology has a wide range including a fuel rich reduction flame, a neutral flame, an oxygen rich oxidizing flame, and an over-oxidizing flame.  These flame types make any type, color or effect of glass easy to work and manipulate.  


The Phantom is available 'Standard' or 'Snub Nose' version to optimize any setup.  The 4 stud allows for the most flexibility for any setup to be run. The primary use is for a foot pedal to be used to turn the outer fire on and off with the outer fire valves preset to the desired setting.  Also the 4 stud can make use of different oxygen sources such as a concentrator on the center fire and tanked oxygen on the outer fire.  In this situation the fuel will "Y" together at the torch for simplicity.  The 'Snub Nose' and Standard Phantom both work identically in function.  A foot pedal is NOT required for a 4 stud torch, the hoses can "Y" back together to use a single fuel source and a single oxygen source with the option to use a foot pedal in the future.   A small marver pad is available in a standard or “L” marver version for the Phantom.


The 'Standard' and 'Snub Nose' Phantom both come with 1' of 3/16" hose and adapters with filter screens to adapt to standard 1/4" ID grade "T" hose on each stud.   The adapters have a barb that the 1/4" ID grade "T" hose slides over and is clamped securely.  The Phantom comes standard with a 'Raw' Silver manifold, red, blue and green valve cap stickers and 'Raw' silver arms.  It is mounted on a powder coated base that has holes for securing the base to the work table.  Also included are complete instructions and a cleaning kit.


Complete torch, foot pedal and hose assemblies are available from GTT.  All or just part of the setup can be assembled by GTT for a ready to run torch assembly.  Please visit the foot pedal and hose assembly pages for prices and options.

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