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Yellow Jacket - Handtorch

Yellow Jacket - Handtorch

  • Yellow Jacket hand torch is a super precision hand torch featuring 1 jet that CANNOT be blown out … PERIOD*. This torch can be shaken, used in turbulent air, set down, and moved quickly without extinguishing the flame. This means no more lost work due to the flame blowing out or popping right at the most critical moment while working on your masterpiece.


  • Yellow Jacket hand torch is capable of a super stable stinger flame less than 1/8” long and nearly invisible to the eye. It also produces a 16” long by 3/8” wide large flame with incredible power for only 1 little jet.


The flame characteristics consist of the wide range of flames that GTT is known for in every torch. From the reduction flame to the super oxidized flame and everything in between. The neutral flame range has a wide, easy to find “sweet spot”, unlike most torches on the market that have a narrow neutral flame that is hard to find. The oxidized flame is powerful and stable to keep the needle flame focused on the work at hand.


The Yellow Jacket hand torch comes with custom lightweight fuel and oxygen hose. The hose is coiled so that it stays out of the way when being used or stored. The ends of the hose have ¼” hose barbs and a mounting block to attach to the work bench, table or lathe. This allows the Yellow Jacket to be at hand when needed, without the tangled mess of hoses all over. The hose length is 18” when coiled and over 48” when extended! The standard neck length is 4” with a 45-degree bend near the face of the torch.


  • options include a hook for hanging the torch on a fuel saver or any location that is close at hand for $35.00.

*When the torch is properly adjusted at normal operating flame types


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