Pedal - Turbo Switch  -Electric

Pedal - Turbo Switch -Electric


The electric Turbo Switch uses solenoids that turn the outer fire on and off. This allows the pedal switch to be on the floor and the control box mounted under the bench. This arrangement can keep the hoses out of the way of the user. This pedal is designed for rapid on/off operation. If extended periods of outer fire operation are needed the manual Rock-It is a better option as the solenoids heat up with extended periods of use.

  • Turbo Switch comes standard with barbed ends, or you can request "B" fittings for an additional charge. The GTT staff has the experience to recommend a torch and foot pedal setup that will fit your needs. We have assembled many torch and foot pedal combinations that are “ready to run” right out of the box. Torch and pedal setups are available with different lengths of hose to accommodate different bench heights or lathe configurations. Setups can include supply hose and regulators, or existing supply hose can easily be used with the torch and pedal setup.