Dryer - Desiccant w/ Coalescing (Hankison)

Dryer - Desiccant w/ Coalescing (Hankison)


This filter kit comes complete with filter housing, desiccant, coalescing filter, mounting hardware kit and complete instructions. Standard NPT (national pipe thread) fittings will be required to install in compressed air line. This filter dryer removes dirt, oil and water vapor from the compressed air supply to the torch. This offers protection to the torch so that the fuel jets do not get clogged with dirt or oil. Water vapor can cause an orange glow or halo around the flame, attract dirt, and cause corrosion in the torch. Filter unit should be monitored frequently to assess filter and desiccant condition. Desiccant can be removed from the filter dryer once it turns clear and can be baked in an oven to remove moisture. Desiccant can then be reused many times using this method. Desiccant will eventually lose its ability to absorb moisture and will need to be replaced. The coalescing filter should be changed at least once a year, or more often if the indicator on the housing indicates a blocked condition (see below).


Produce pressure dew points as low as -40°F (-40°C)

Rugged powder-painted, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing which can be installed in-line

Charge of silica gel desiccant adsorbs moisture from the compressed air

Desiccant change-out indicator offers convenient monitoring of desiccant condition

Desiccant change-out indicator turns color from blue to white

Integrated 15-micron cleanable dust filter