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The GTT standard torches rise above other standard torches by creating the same flame characteristics that the triple mix torches have.  The flame of the GTT torch is cleaner, more efficient and more forgiving to the glass regardless if it is soft or hard glass.  The GTT line of standard torches have an easy to use single fuel valve and single oxygen valve per stage design. These torches were designed with the beginner and advanced flame worker in mind.  The oxidizing, neutral and reduction flame types are easy to adjust and identify with the patent pending torch design.  This makes the standard torch easy to use for any beginning or advanced glass artist who wants the ease of use combined with the ability to work soft and borosilicate glass.   All GTT standard torches work on low pressures of fuel and oxygen to maximize any fuel and oxygen supply type.  Standard torches can run on fuel pressures as low as ¼ PSI of natural gas or propane, and as little as 2 PSI of oxygen supplied by tank or concentrator.  Low pressures are not required, just made possible by the GTT standard torch design.  These torches also run great on higher pressures (10-60 PSI) supplied by tanks or boosters.  All GTT torches are built with the same high quality parts, workmanship and attention to detail.  Standard torches come with a stainless steel base and arms, cleaning kit  and instructions.  Torches can be ordered with custom coloring or a torch mounted graphite marver pad.


Triple Mix Technology is Glass Torch Technologies patented system of delivering fuel and oxygen to the face of the torch to provide a clean, adjustable flame.   All GTT torches are surface mix meaning that the fuel and oxygen are mixed outside of the torch.  This makes the torches safer by eliminating the potential of a flashback 99.9% of the time.  With the patented tube inside of a tube design, the GTT torch is able to surround the fuel with oxygen and inject oxygen directly down the middle of the fuel stream.  This ensures a complete mixing of the fuel and oxygen for a hotter more complete burn.  This also allows the glass artist to have a multitude of options for adjusting and shaping the flame for different uses.   The triple mix flame melts borosilicate glass as fast as soft glass, yet is gentle on colors and easily adjustable for tricky glass types.  The triple mix flame penetrates the glass to the core for faster heating and reheating.  This results in more finished work in less time and less fuel and oxygen consumed per piece.  All GTT triple mix torches are ideal for working soft, borosilicate, and quartz glass with or without color.  Clear glass will stay clear and colors can be used without costly, time consuming encasing.  Colors are vibrant and turn out as intended without getting burned or boiled out.  Fuel and oxygen efficiency is unmatched for the amount of heat produced per cubic foot consumed.  Torches can be ordered with custom coloring or a torch mounted graphite marver pad.


GTT hand torches have all of the features of our bench torches in a compact, easy to use hand held package.  Hand torches can perform all of the flame types and ranges that our bench torches are known for.  These torches feature custom designed lightweight hose to minimize operator fatigue and overall weight of the torch.  Neck lengths are measured from the valves to the head of the torch and are are customized to the users needs.  Features like hose mounting blocks, retracting hose, and integrated outer fire on/off switch set these hand torches in a category of their own.  An optional removable hook allows the torch to be used with a gas saver or any configuration the user needs.


Compressed Air Injection technology injects compressed air directly into the fuel system of the torch.  By precisely controlling the ration of fuel and compressed air, the temperature of the flame can be controlled while maintaining flame chemistry and flame type.  From the cooler, driving flame to the wide bushy cool flame, any combination is now possible.  Thin hollow work is now easier and more controllable than before. And this setup is foot pedal ready!  Now not only can each stage of the torch be individually contolled, but each stage of compressed air injection can now be controlled with a foot pedal.